Sitemap - 2022 - The Bulwark Podcast (Ad-free)

Susan Glasser and Peter Baker: Trump's Hostile Takeover of the Government

Maggie Haberman: Trump Is Damaged and He Causes Damage to Others

Jennifer Senior: Steve Bannon Is an Asymmetric Threat

Nick Confessore: Tucker and the Most Racist Show in the History of Cable News

Michael Fanone: We Were Literally Fighting for Our Lives

Tim Alberta: The Political Poisoning of the Evangelical Church

BONUS EPISODE: The Bulwark Goes Across the Movie Aisle

Eric Edelman: A Struggle Between Democracy and Tyranny

BONUS EPISODE: The Symmetry Between Zelensky's Visit and the Jan 6 Report

Gen. Mick Ryan: The War in Ukraine, 10 months In

Will Saletan: He Wanted the Violence

The Next Level Takes Over The Bulwark

Symone Sanders-Townsend: Let Joe Run

Derek Thompson: An Abundance Agenda for the Future

Dan Vallone: The History Wars Are Not What They Seem

Elaina Plott Calabro: MTG Is More Cunning than You Think

Adam Kinzinger: The Torch Is Now with the DOJ (Encore Episode)

Tim Miller: Nazis Bad, Constitution Good

A.B. Stoddard: A Most Delicious Circular Firing Squad

Mark Leibovich: DeSantis Is Not the Savior

Kori Schake: Rejecting Authoritarianism

Will Saletan: Saying the Quiet Part Blaringly Out Loud

Tim Miller: A Week Full of Nazis

Dana Milbank: Even Kevin McCarthy Doesn't Trust Kevin McCarthy

Ben Wittes: The Worst Story We Told Ourselves Was True

Peter Wehner: Turning on Trump for the Wrong Reason

Will Saletan: Dining with a Nazi

A Thanksgiving Message from Team Bulwark

David Priess: Trump's Very Bad Day at Court

David Frum: House Republicans Aim for a Rerun

Tom Nichols: A 2016 Flashback?

Tim Miller: Sometimes Reality Sets In

Mark McKinnon: The Message Still Matters

David Corn: Trump Is Still a Threat

Adam Kinzinger: Knives Out in the Nutcase Caucus

Will Saletan: Gelded by the Nutcase Caucus

Michigan Magic with Mallory McMorrow

Tim O'Brien: He Will Burn It All Down

A.B. Stoddard: We Could've Been the United States of QAnon

Barbara Slavin: Fire Under the Ashes

Will Saletan: Only One God-King at a Time

Bill Kristol: Be Alarmed

Bart Gellman: The Impeachment of Joe Biden

Elizabeth Williamson: It Started with Sandy Hook

Charlie Warzel: Elon's Disastrous Weekend

Will Saletan: Elon Musk’s Hellscape

Maggie Haberman: A Character Study of Trump — and America

Karen Tumulty: Are the Pundits Getting It Wrong?

Robert Draper: Weapons of Mass Delusion

Franklin Foer: Donald Trump Will Be Indicted

Will Saletan: Liars and Fraudsters Can Still Win

The Bulwark Live, with Michael Fanone

Adam Hochschild: American Midnight

Jake Sherman: What McCarthy Told Me

Will Saletan: Why Aren't People Voting on Democracy?

Adam Kinzinger: Unplugged

Denver Riggleman: Why I Wrote It

Dana Milbank: The Alien Lizard Party

Lucy Caldwell: Fetterman Should Have Dropped Out

David Frum: Biden's Blurt Problem

Julian Zelizer: Living with Fear of Nuclear Weapons, Again

Bill Kristol: Degeneracy Is the Norm

Major Garrett & David Becker: How a Second Civil War Could Start

Ruy Teixeira: Some Tough Love for the Democrats

Kara Swisher: Our Careless Oligarchs

Will Saletan: Shrugging in the Face of Threats of Violence

Tim Miller: Why Lizzo Triggers Ben

Susan Glasser & Peter Baker: A History and a Warning

Tom Nichols: Clowns with Flame Throwers

A.B. Stoddard: The Super Kooks

Tim O'Brien: For Trump, It's Always about the $$$

Tim Miller: Can We Indict Him Just by Thinking about It?

Jonathan Lemire: How Do You Cover an Insurrectionist?

Stephanie Slade: The NatCons’ Will to Power

Dylan Byers: What's Going On at CNN?

Will Saletan: Nice Little Democracy You Got There

Tim Miller: LOLs in DeSantis-Stan

Catherine Rampell: The Economy Is Weird Right Now

General Mark Hertling: Russia’s Awful Army

David Corn: How the GOP Unleashed the Furies

Will Saletan: A Tribute to Ukraine

Bill Kristol: The Intersection of Trump and Roe

David Priess: Why Trump Did It

Mike Murphy: Democrats Should Run like They're Five Points Behind

Amanda Carpenter: Need to Know

Mitch Daniels: Raised Four Wonderful Daughters and Fixed the BMV

James Carville: Better Constipated than Evil

Bakari Sellers & Lis Smith: Can Dems Do Better in Red America?

Alex Holder: A Weird, Simple Man

Will Saletan: Biden Is Playing to the Middle

Tim Miller: Wait, Are You Getting Squishy?

James Hohmann: The Dems’ Squad Fatigue

Elliot Ackerman: Leaving Afghanistan, One Year Later

Nicole Hemmer: When the Line between Politics and Entertainment Disappeared

Amanda Carpenter: Need to Know

Tim Miller: Sad Turtle Mitch

Philip Bump: A Reminder that the "Russia Hoax" Is a Hoax

Tom Nichols: She's Daring Them to Pick Sides

Charlie Warzel: Alex Jones' Footprint of Misery

Will Saletan: They Keep Negotiating with Their Own Hostage-Takers

Jonathan Martin: Liz Cheney's Political Awakening

Dana Milbank: The 25-Year Crack-Up of the GOP

James Wigderson: From Paul Ryan to Paranoia

Peter Wehner: The GOP Thinks Trump Is above the Law

Will Saletan: It's Not Just Trump, It's Party-Wide

Tim Miller: When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and Andrew Yang: Who's up for a Third Party?

Josh Kraushaar: If Only You'd Been Warned

Rachel Kleinfeld: Republicans Have a Militia Problem

Will Saletan: Hot Joe Summer

Tim Miller: The Politics of Petulance

Adm. James Stavridis: An Endgame in the Russia-Ukraine War?

James Poniewozik: They Knew They Had a Thriller on Their Hands

Andrew Weissmann: Trump Acted with Premeditation

Will Saletan: What Happens to Jan. 6th Investigations Now?

Tim Miller: These Guys Are Worse than Whores

Adam Kinzinger: We're Going to Prove What Trump Knew during Those 187 Minutes

Bill Kristol: Trumpism Is on the Ballot

Michael Steele: Fighting the GOP Crazification

Will Saletan: Are Democrats Going to Fight?

David Jolly: DeSantis Has the Hottest Hand in Politics Right Now

Bart Gellman: What the Hell Happened to Michael Flynn?

Bill Kristol: This Is Why We Were Never-Trump

Mark Leibovich: The Parasitic Suck-Ups of the Trump Era

Will Saletan: Biden Is Right - The Activists Are Out of Step

Addicted to Rage Juice (with Tim Miller)

Boris Johnson Is More Bill Clinton, Less Donald Trump (with David Frum)

A.B. Stoddard: This Is a Different Election Now

Adam White: A Generational Turning Point at the High Court

Tom Nichols: You Don't Know What You're Talking About

Tim O'Brien: Trump Has Always Been a Drama Queen

David Priess: A Damning Witness

Tim Miller: Mea culpa. Really.

The Post-Roe World Is Now

Ben Wittes: Roe/Coups/Guns

Bill Kristol: Why We Were Alarmed

Greg Lukianoff: Democracy Can Handle Free Speech

Denver Riggleman: How the 1/6 Committee could succeed

Will Saletan: A More Clever Autocrat Would Keep his Mouth Shut

Tim Miller: Mike Pence Must Testify

Jennifer Senior: Bannon Is Loathsome — and Consequential

Will Saletan: Big Liars Are Winning All over the Place

Katy Tur: We're Not a Final Draft 'til We're Six Feet Under

Jamie Kirchick: When Homosexuality Was a National Security Threat

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Karen Tumulty: The Country Owes Mike Pence

David French: America Is Exceptionally Violent

Jonathan Allen: Trump 2024 May Start Earlier than You Imagined

Will Saletan: Biden’s Return to Realpolitik

Tim Miller: Everything Is 20% More Annoying

Russell Moore: The Southern Baptist Apocalypse

James Hohmann: Time for an Emmett Till Moment?

Ryan Busse: The NRA Created Our Paranoid, Conspiracy Culture

Tim Miller: Rage at the Carnage

Peter Wehner: Christianity’s Generational Catastrophe

Lucy Caldwell: A Second Amendment Fetish

Rick Hasen: Pushing Back against 'Cheap Speech'

Will Saletan: The GOP Has a Racism Problem

Tim Miller: The GOP Has Gone Soft on Terrorism

Kim Wehle: A Deep Dive on Roe

Philip Bump: When Support for Jan 6 Is a Political Plus

Tim Alberta: The Poisoning of the Evangelical Church

Will Saletan: White Nationalism Is the No. 1 Terrorism Threat

Tom Nichols: This Isn't Therapy, It's Politics

Nick Confessore: Why Tucker Has the Most Racist Show on Cable

Dana Milbank: Color Me Skeptical About McConnell's Promises

Will Hurd: Moderates Get Sh*t Done

Will Saletan: No One Is Ready for the Post-Roe Era

Bill Kristol: Esper, Pompeo, and Roe

Adam Kinzinger: Make Clear to Putin There Is a Red Line

A.B. Stoddard: Trump's Base Only Wants "Killers"

Ben Wittes: Parsing Roe; Trolling Russia

Will Saletan: Is the Crazy Dangerous Sedition Hurting the GOP After All?

Anne Applebaum: Putin Has Created an Alternate Reality for Russians

Lucy Caldwell: Knives Out For McCarthy

David Frum: It's Not DeSantis v Disney — It's DeSantis v Trump

Will Saletan: Are We Living in an Age of American Oligarchs?

Chef José Andrés: Feeding the Soul of Ukraine

Tim Miller: Cowardly Kevin

Juliette Kayyem: Living in an Age of Disasters

Yascha Mounk: The Most Dangerous Idea in American Politics

Yuval Levin: Trump's Strategic Error

Will Saletan: Tucker’s Twisted Notions of Manliness

Robert Tracinski: The Birchers Are Back - And Winning

Amanda Carpenter: The Senate Is the World's Greatest Retirement Home

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Fascism 2.0

Jonathan Chait: More MAGA than MAGA

Will Saletan: Who Will Get Lindseyed Next?

Tim Miller: Mitch McConnell Has No Moral Red Lines

Tom Nichols: Where Putin Might Use Nukes

Josh Kraushaar: Democrats Are Bracing for a Republican Wave

Lis Smith: Why Democrats Should Go on Fox News

Bill Kristol: Biden Was Right — Putin Must Be Removed from Power

Tim Miller: I'd Like to Smack DeSantis ... But I Won't

Greg Bluestein: Was Georgia's Flip to Purple Firm — Or a Fluke?

Adam White: The Court Needs to Maintain Its Legitimacy

Francis Fukuyama: The End of Complacency

Will Saletan: Putin Is a Terrorist

Mona Charen: A Time to Recuse, a Time to Testify

Josh Rogin: Xi and Putin Are in This Together

David Corn: Tucker Carlson, Useful Idiot

A.B. Stoddard: The Pipeline of Crazy Is Clogged

Will Saletan: What Is the Red Line?

Bill Kristol: Maybe War Crimes Are a Bridge Too Far for Pro-Putin GOP

Michael Weiss: Who Should You Believe about the War?

David Priess: What Zelensky Needs

Susan Glasser: Russia's New Iron Curtain

Is Biden Deterring Putin?

Tim Miller: Trump Is the Leader of the Putin Wing

Amb. Eric Edelman: Why Are We Deterring Ourselves?

General Mark Hertling: Why the Russians Will Lose

Kim Wehle: We Need To Learn How To Think

Will Saletan: A Failed Invasion

Tim Miller: Don't Buy Bill Barr's Book

Rachel Vindman: The GOP Enablers Brought Us to This Moment

Michael Steele: Biden Restores the Alliance

Clint Watts: What Is Putin's Offramp?

Will Saletan: Courage Is Contagious

Heath Mayo: Reimagining American Conservatism

Tom Nichols: Putin, Unhinged and in a Bubble

Bill Kristol: MAGA Turns Anti Anti-Putin

Tim O'Brien: Trump Was Giving Putin Everything He Wanted

Will Saletan: Surprise, Trump Was in It for the Money

David Frum: O Canada!

Karen Tumulty: At Least One Party Kicked the Extremists Out

Garry Kasparov: Putin Is a Merchant of Doubt

John Avlon: An Unconditional Surrender and a Magnanimous Peace

Charlie and Will Monday

Tim Miller: The Worst and the Dumbest

Robert Draper: MAGA Martyr Michael Flynn

Jeremy Peters: The GOP’s Ongoing Insurgency

Adam Kinzinger: McCarthy Looks Like a Weak, Feckless Man

Will Saletan: It's Easy to Become an Authoritarian

Tim Miller: China, Zucker, Schumer, SCOTUS, Coups, and GOP purges

Scott MacFarlane: Jan. 6 Committee Is Connecting the Dots

George Packer: Afghanistan Was Biden's Saigon

Dana Milbank: The Right's Snowflakes

Will Saletan: We Are Too Politically Segregated

A.B. Stoddard: MAGA in Disarray

Matt Bennett: This Is a Paul Revere Moment

David Priess: Beware of Russian Trolls

Ruy Teixeira: What Would the Working Class Say?

Bill Kristol: The Dysfunction Is a Pre-Existing Condition

Mark Bowden & Matt Teague: 2020's Unsung Heroes

Tim Miller: About That Press Conference

Will Saletan: The Coalition of the Sane

Matthew Yglesias: The Center Is There, We Just Can't Hear It

Josh Barro: Obsessing Over Democracy Won't Save It

David French: Biden’s Divisive Speech

Adam Kinzinger: Jan 6 Primetime Hearings Will Be Must-See TV

Tim Alberta: The Fringe Has Merged with the Mainstream

Barbara Walter: Is America at Risk of a 21st Century Civil War?

Tom Nichols: Time for a Grand Coalition

Tim Miller: Cruz’s Grovel

January 6 Was Built on Years of Lies and Propaganda

Olivia Nuzzi: The Ambition of Dr. Oz

Evan Osnos: Hardening the Hard Core

Bill Kristol: New Year, New Chance for Democrats to Lead