Sitemap - 2021 - The Bulwark Podcast (Ad-free)

We're Not All Crying Karens

The State of Black Lives Matter Now

When the Main Point of Politics Is Vengeance

China's Breaking Up with Hollywood

Trump's Dereliction of Duty on Covid

The Republicans' Dangerous Vigilante Messaging Campaign

Democrats Need a Plan to Save Democracy in 2024

Manchin Puts Coal in the Democrats' Stockings

Covid Should Be the Democrats' Culture War

The Next Level Takeover!

Amanda Carpenter: Jan. 6 Committee Is Bringing It

Charlie Warzel: Out of Office

Damon Linker: Can Journalists Save American Democracy?

Tim Miller: This Is Madness

Bart Gellman: Stealing Democracy Right before Our Eyes

Ben Wittes: You Have to Speak Up, Merrick Garland

Jonathan Allen: Georgia Will be Ground Zero in the Midterms

David Frum: Big Macs, Russia, and Afghanistan

Bill Kristol: It's Still the Economy, Stupid

Tom Nichols: Grow Up and Act like an Adult

Amy Walter: Our Political Known Unknowns

Jonathan Karl: Trump Loved Jan. 6

Tim Miller: We're All Hostage to the Crazy

Thanksgiving Special: The Bulwark Takes Time Out for Gratitude

Kristin Du Mez: Love Thy Neighbor Is for Wimps

Donald Cohen: The Privatization of Everything

Bill Kristol: Fetishizing Political Violence

Greg Lukianoff: We Are Creating a Culture of Student Fragility

Adam Schiff: The GOP Has Created a Monster

David Priess: It Wasn't a Hoax

Brian Klaas: Why Are So Many Leaders Awful?

Tim Mak: Inside the Downfall of the NRA

Tim Miller: Why Chris Christie Triggers Me

Donald Moynihan: Can We Still Govern?

Dana Milbank: McCarthy is All-in

Shannon Freshour: A View From Outside the Beltway

David Jolly: Funding Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Bill Kristol: The Party Gets Defined by the President

Adam Kinzinger: What Comes Next?

Mona Charen: Swing Voters Swung

Peter Wehner: Faith Has Become a Hood Ornament

Jonathan V. Last: No, DeSantis is Not a Safer Choice

Tim Miller on Our Political Dingleberries

Tom Nichols: There is No Bottom

Jack Goldsmith & Bob Bauer: Restoring the Presidency

Catherine Rampell: When Taxing the Rich Doesn't Include Millionaires

McKay Coppins: Our Democracy Needs Busy, Bustling Newsrooms

Tyler Merritt: We Are Not Monolithic

Bill Kristol: Democrats, Please Don't Let a Political Meteor Hit Us Again

Charlie Warzel: I Should Have Warned You

Will Saletan: The Vaccination Culture War

Ben Schreckinger: The Bidens and the Media's Credibility

Bill Kristol: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right

Ian Bassin: Putting Democracy First

Emma Green: Is the Claremont Institute saying the silent part out loud?

David Priess: Getting the Truth on January 6

Larry Sabato: Our Divided America

James Carville and Tim Miller: Some Tough Love For the Dems

Elie Mystal: Anti-Maskers, SCOTUS, and Roe

Josh Kraushaar: Everything is Political, Everything is Tribal

Karen Tumulty on Facebook, the Debt Ceiling, and Sinema

Mona Charen on The Future of the Pro-Democracy Coalition

Tim Miller on Joe Manchin's Moment

Bret Stephens: A Plea for Centrism

A.B. Stoddard: What Are They Thinking?

Bill Kristol: How Alarmed Should We Be?

Amanda Carpenter on the Arizona Fraudit

Sarah Longwell on the Cyber Ninjas and Democratic Brinksmanship

Rick Wilson Sounds Off on Trump, Dems, and Coups

Adam Kinzinger: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Geoff Duncan on GOP 2.0

David Frum on What Never Trump Wants Now

George Will On Our Unruly Torrent

Olivia Troye on Stephen Miller's Bigotry

Tom Nichols on Confronting the Crazies

Bill Kristol on 9/11, Twenty Years Later

Ashley Allison on Holding the Democratic Coalition Together

Asha Rangappa on the J6 Domestic Terror Threat

Tim Miller Braces for Cold Joe Fall

James Hohmann on the Dangers of a Rogue Military

David Jolly on the GOP's Gangster Politics

Amanda Carpenter on The Day After

Russell Moore on the Evangelical Future

Tim Miller: Peeling the Onion of Awfulness

Karen Tumulty: How Presidents Survive

David Priess: Was It An Intelligence Failure?

Amb. Eric Edelman on the Catastrophe in Afghanistan

A.B. Stoddard: Democrats Face the Headwinds

Bill Kristol: How Bad Will It Be?

Sarah Longwell: What Biden Needs To Do Now

Alexander S. Vindman: Why I Testified

Matt K. Lewis on Biden's Disaster

Kevin Kruse on the Bipartisan Afghanistan Disaster

Tim Miller: I'm Actually Not a Childless Cat Person

Amanda Carpenter on Covid Compassion Fatigue

Stephen Richer On The Bogus Cyber-Ninja Audit

David French On Whatever Happened To David French?

Max Boot: Why It Might Be Worse Next Time

Tim Miller on the Chuckling Chodes of Disinformation

Tom Nichols on Cat Ladies, Fascists, and Cori Bush

T. Greg Doucette: Cops, Videos, and Violence

Michael Steele Is Not Toning It Down

Benjamin Wittes: Judging Merrick Garland

Mona Charen on the Deplorables and the Covid Wars

Tim Miller: Hot Takes From the Beach

Bill Kristol: On The 1/6 Testimony

Amanda Carpenter on Cheney and the 1/6 Committee

Will Saletan On Our Vaccination Crisis

Laura K. Field: What the Hell Happened to the Claremont Institute?

Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker: Trump's Catastrophic Final Year

Bill Kristol on Vilification and the 'Old Rules' of Politics

Ryan J. Reilly On The January 6 Investigations

David Frum: Should We Call It Fascism?

David French on Factional Friendships

Tim Miller: It Was Worse Than We Thought

Michael C. Bender: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost

Special Adam Kinzinger and Chris Krebs Doubleheader

Denver Riggleman on Our Pandemic of Conspiracy Theories

Tom Nichols: The Right's Anti-Vax Death Cult

Matt Lewis: Why J.D. Vance is the Avatar of GOP Corruption

Kim Wehle: On The Fate of Democracy As We Know It

Culture Wars and Voting Rights

Elie Honig on Our Most Corrupt Attorney General

Tim Miller on the Cheney Pick

Mona Charen: on our Electoral FUBARS

Adam Serwer on The Cruelty is the Point

Josh Kraushaar: Is Biden blowing a golden opportunity?

Bill Kristol: On Why Politics Remains Dangerous

Anne Applebaum on the Twilight of Democracy

Jonathan Rauch: On the Defense of Truth

Tim Miller on CRT, NYC, Tucker, and the NCAA

Eric Edelman on the G7 Summit and Contact Lunacy

Mike Murphy: is bipartisanship back?

George Packer on How America Fractured

Joanne Lipman on the Great Reopening

Tim Miller on the Arizona Recount Shit Storm

Brian Stelter: Tucker Can Do Whatever He Wants at Fox

Bill Kristol on Biden v. Putin

James Hohmann on the Insurrection in Plain Sight

Geoffrey Skelley: Who Wants Bipartisanship?

Tom Nichols: When Did Being Stupid Become Cool?

Mona Charen on The Big Lie and Death of China's One Child Policy

Amanda Carpenter on Pence's Games

Edward-Isaac Dovere on How Biden Won

Scott MacFarlane: Inside the January 6th Cases

Tim Miller on Coup Insanity

Jonathan Greenblatt on the Explosion of Anti-Jewish Violence

Bill Kristol on "Boob Bait for the Bubbas"

James Wigderson on WTF Happened to Wisconsin

Peter Wehner on the Road to Political Violence

Will Saletan on the Culture Wars Turned Upside Down

Tim Miller on Performative Nonsense

Adam Kinzinger on Putting Country Over Party

David Jolly on What Republicans Fear From the 1/6 Commission

David Priess on the Madness in Maricopa

Mona Charen on the GOP Base: Engaged, but Crazy

Bill Kristol on the Rise of Elise Stefanik

Amanda Carpenter on Gaslighting and the Big Lie

Barbara Comstock on Liz Cheney's Moment

Tim Miller: The GOP Goes Full Stefanik

Karen Tumulty: McCarthy, Stefanik, and the Reagans

David Frum on The Phoniness of Tucker Carlson

Denver Riggleman on Bamboo Ballots and 'Cyber Ninjas'

Robert Tracinski: The Danger of Crying Wolf

Sarah Longwell: Why Courage is Contagious

Peter Wehner on Threats to Democracy

Tim Miller Explains It All

Bill Kristol on Biden and Big Government

Amanda Carpenter on How Donald Trump Killed the Tea Party

Tom Nichols on the Right's Circling the Drain of Crazy

Olivia Troye on How Trump's Legacy of Crazy Lives On

Bill Kristol on Why the GOP is Getting Worse

Kim Wehle on Chauvin, Protests, and Police Reform

Clarence Thomas Attacks Big Tech and Anti-Anti-Chauvinism

Olivier Knox on Biden's Challenges, Boehner, and Trump

Stephen Fowler: Georgia as Ground Zero

Lis Smith on the Yang Gang and Future Former Republicans

Perry Bacon Jr. on Why the GOP Isn't Rebranding

Dems ❤️ Corporations

David Priess on the Worldwide Threat Briefing

JVL and Sarah Dissect the GOP Donor Retreat

Bill Kristol on the GOP's Fundraising Scams

Joshua Tait on the Failure of the New Conservatives

Josh Kraushaar on Why It Pays to Be Crazy

Albert Samaha: My Mom Believes in QAnon

Tim Miller on Making Sense of Georgia

David Frum on the GOP's Strange New Doctrine

Eric Edelman on the World Biden Inherited

Amanda Carpenter on the Crybaby Caucus

Mona Charen on Freedom and Responsibility

Denver Riggleman on our Hold My Beer Politics

Tim Miller: The Big Lie Continues

Tom Nichols on Dogs, Cats, and American Fascism

Adam Jentleson on the Future of the Filibuster

David French on Gun Fetishism, Cancel Culture, and the Media

Nicholas Grossman on Conservatism's In-Speak

Bill Kristol on Kevin McCarthy's Crass Revisionism

Elizabeth Neumann on Confronting the Salad Bar of Hatred

Mona Charen: What Happened to J.D. Vance?

Tim Miller on Cats, Dogs, and Tucker Carlson

Jessica Huseman on the Fight for Voting Rights

Bill Kristol on the GOP's Anger Management

S.V. Dáte on Why Trump Isn't Going Away

David Shor on Why Hispanics Moved Right

Tim O'Brien on Donald Trump and His Legal Future

Jonathan Allen on Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency

Philip Rucker on The Future of the 'Very Stable Genius'

Mickey Edwards on Getting Mugged by Reality

Adam Kinzinger on Censure Frenzy and Strange New Respect

The GOP's Trump Captivity

Tim Miller on CPAC and the Big Lie

Josh Kraushaar on the GOP’s Cancel Culture

Tim Miller and Charlie Sykes Dunk on Andrew Cuomo

Karen Tumulty: RonJon, Tucker, and Nancy

Matt Lewis on Ted, Rush, Neera, and the Tea Party

James Hohmann on Why the GOP is Back on the Juice

Joe Walsh on Flyin' Ted and the Limbaugh Legacy

Andy Slavitt on The Biden COVID Response Plan

David Priess on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Impeachment

Sarah Longwell and JVL: How Deep is the Crazy?

Jonathan Allen on the Post Impeachment GOP

Emergency Impeachment Podcast

Peter Hamby: What's Nikki Haley Up To?

Kim Wehle on Trump's Trial, Day 2

Bill Kristol on Impeachment and a Biden Report Card

James Glassman on Why We Need a Third Party

Amanda Carpenter: The Right’s Free Speech Scam

Tim Miller on the GOP Fear Caucus

A.B. Stoddard on Kevin McCarthy’s Political Malpractice

Bill Kristol on the GOP's Choice: Cheney or Taylor-Greene

Erin Gloria Ryan: This Is Not a Simulation

Sen. Danforth: I Will Never Vote for Josh Hawley Again

Tim Miller on the GOP's No Good, Awful January

Denver Riggleman: The GOP's Disinformation Problem

Will Saletan: We Need a Coalition for Truth

Jonathan Chait and James Wallner on Filibusters and Impeachments

David Jolly: Why I Might Run

Bill Kristol: The GOP Has Learned Nothing

Rep. Abigail Spanberger: Can Biden Succeed?

Tim and Charlie say Goodbye to Trump

Josh Kraushaar on the Long Lasting Effects of the Capitol Siege

David Priess: Should We Brief Trump?

Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann: What Is The Threat Level?

Heidi Heitkamp: "With All Due Respect"

Mona Charen and Ben Parker on Impeachment 2.0

Ben Collins: Why We Should Be Alarmed

Kim Wehle: Why We Must Impeach Trump

Tim Miller on Days of Rage

A Day of Infamy

Tom Nichols: Burn It All Down?

Eric Edelman on How the SecDef Letter Happened

Quinta Jurecic on What Happens on January 6th